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The Label Lust is a “Lifestyle Branding & Management” Agency that supports independent talents & provides to them a one-stop-shop of all the necessary services to enhance their entrepreneur careers.

We provide 6 main services to our creative clients: Apparel, Merchandising & Graphic Design (Branding) | Booking & Casting | Party & Event Coordination (Entertainment) | Marketing & Advertising | Production & Recording | Social Media & Artist Management; essentially eliminating the middle-men & providing countless opportunities within the community.

TheLabelLust.com is an entrepreneur marketplace where individual business owners & brands can collaborate with a common goal to generate residual revenue and marketing exposure for both (or all) parties involved.

We target Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Entertainers, & virtually all Creatives who wish to make a transition from Talent to Trademark & remain independent with TOTAL ownership of THEIR BRAND.

In doing this, we hope to encourage our partners to be themselves and rely on their passions for inspiration and influence as oppose to relying on main-stream entertainment and media.

Our goal is to open The Label Lust Mega Complex in Memphis, TN.
Here are a few photorealistic renders to give you an idea of the direction we would like to go.
Please note; these renders are only concepts and do NOT accurately represent the final design.
label lust cthe label lust storefrontstudioThe Label Lust Storefront 2label lust blabel lust aThe Label Lust Storefront

We hope to include the following:
•Storefront (The Label Lust & Affiliated Brands)
•Skate & Sport Shop
•Audio Production Studio (A1)
•Audio Recording Studio (A2)
•Audio Mastering Studio (A3)
•Branding & Graphic Design Studio (B1)
•Apparel & Fashion Design Studio (B2)
•Video Production Studio (C1)
•Video Editing Studio (C2)
•Photography Studio (C3)
•Dance & Choreography Studio (D1)
•Canvas & Prop Studio (D2)
•Entertainment & Event Venue (E1)
•Art & Performance Venue (E2)
•Indoor Skatepark (warehouse space)
•Condo’s & Apartments
•Cyber Café (PC & Game Lounge)
•Pool Hall & Café (with foods prepared by independent chefs)
•Indoor Food Franchises (In & Out Burger & Independent Franchises)
•Multiple Office Spaces

If you would like to be more involved, volunteer or if you have questions or comments, please email us at mgmt@thelabellust.com

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